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Gluten-Free Recipes for Thanksgiving

It’s time for the holidays again along with one of our biggest challenges of all time, if we are the designated chef.  How to cook a Gluten – Free Holiday Meal that is not only safe but delicious too. 


Many of us have tried and failed many times when faced with this cooking project and ended up looking at our child spit out in disgust the food that we worked so very hard on.  Discouraged…a few tears…and perhaps this cooking project ends up indignantly in the garbage can!


Well, my Gluten-Free Friends, cooking gluten-free has come a long way and the food we can buy in the store and the recipes have become much easier to prepare, along with being more palatable as well.


I wanted to pass along this site from the Washington Post that is just chock full of Thanksgiving and Holiday Gluten-Free Recipes.  I hope these recipes come in handy for you as we face the “Great Gluten-Free Quest”.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!






Gluten/Free Hot Cross Buns – for Spring!

It’s spring again, and that means Easter is just around the corner for many.  I found this Gluten/Free recipe for “Hot Cross Buns” which is a spring time tradition that those on a Gluten/Free Diet cannot usually enjoy.  I found this great site with many recipes and tips for those who struggle with this sometimes difficult diet.  It is called “Living Without”. There are many variations with the recipes in this On-line magazine including this one for “Hot Cross Buns” that adapt to Casein/Free as well as Gluten/Free.  I hope this tip to this helpful site will be beneficial to any and all that may need practical help with the question, “What can we eat now?”  Here is the link to the “Hot Cross Buns” recipe:



Gluten Free Thanksgiving Help

Making family events and traditions as ” normal” as possible is always helpful in de-stressing our lives. A group gluten-free life is part of the routine for many with a child that has autism. With Thanksgiving coming up and family members gathering together, I thought a few tasty recipes that all could enjoy even family members “that don’t quite understand” might make your holiday a little easier. Here are three nice gluten-free sites  with some helpful recipes. Enjoy!!!




High Tech Gluten Free On The Go

One of the most common biomedical interventions for autism spectrum disorders is the gluten free diet. The following link takes you to a website that allows you to plug-in zip code and/or city, the application will then provide a list and a map of all the gluten free restaurants in the selected area. There are links to the individual restaurant websites. I thought this might help in the event that you are in a pinch and need to find somewhere to eat quickly. It also may be helpful if you are planning a trip out of town. In any case, it is a nice application for someone that is relatively Internet savvy. Since this a website that is on the Internet, I assume that you are fairly Internet savvy and that this may be able to help those of you on the gluten free diet sometime in the future.  The link is preset to Tampa as an example as this where we are based. But you can easily select any way that you would like.  Http://www.specialgourmets.com/index/show-results-list/requester/list/searchType/3/searchCity/Tampa%2C+Florida%2C+USA/searchDiet/0,1,3,2,4,5,6/searchEstType/0,1,2,3,4/searchChains/0/advanced/

Gluten Free Starter

Most times when patients most times when parents present to my office with a child who is on the autism spectrum they have already tried the gluten free casein free type diets.D.A.N.! Defeat Autism Now! is by far the largest “alternative medicine”  organization available and forum on the Internet and this  is a big part of their protocol. GFCF is one of the mainstays of their program.  The gluten and casein sensitivity and its association with autism spectrum disorders is fairly common. Logically a GFCG  diet would follow. This is a big part of the Biomedical treatment approach that parents come across in their search to help their children. This link has a nice article on how to get started with the GCFC diet as well as a link to a list gluten-free items.  http://glutenfreequestions.com/ask-gfq-how-do-i-start-the-gluten-free-diet/

Delicious GFCF Recipe

Pear upside down cake. This looks delicious. Easy instructions, nice pictures and great taste. Enjoy!!


Gluten Free and Children

Many times I find gluten free recipes and the like on various sites related to gluten free diets or cooking but not specifically related to those on the autism spectrum. Here is a nice site with different post, options and information relating  to children and celiac disease, gluten sensitive. Not specifically for autism spectrum kids but there are  plenty of things you might pick up from this site. http://celiacchildren.com/rt-delightgfmag-get-back-issues-of-delight-for-a-limited-time-on-our-website-read-more-from-our-twitter-friends/

For Those That Can Eat Out

Bonefish is one of my favorite restaurants whether my party is eating gluten free or not. The twin lobster tales are my favorite. My son Steven loves the lobster also. Lately, the menu has been less expensive reflecting the economy. I have been able to find them in most cities as they are part of the Outback chain. In fact, this Labor Day weekend we were in Daytona Beach and ate at Bonefish. So go out and enjoy a meal out or give a gift certificate to a family that has a child on the autism spectrum that you know is on the gluten free diet. If your child is able , this is a nice night out. http://www.examiner.com/x-15655-Columbus-GlutenFree-Food-Examiner~y2009m8d30-Glutenfree-dining-at-Bonefish-Grill

If you do not like seafood, perhaps you like italian food. Here is a link with some suggestions at Maggiano’s. We all need a break. if your child and buget can handle it, here are two fairly available (location ) and delightful options.


Restaurant Review of a Gluten Free Night Out

If you can’t eat out due to the gluten free diet, here is a restaurant review of a nice meal. Hopefully you live near one of these restaurants. http://glutenfreeislife.wordpress.com/

I am Always Looking for Gluten Free Casein Free Recipes for You

This  one is gluten free, casein free, soy free. Enjoy!